Spain: Toledo Panoramic Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Location: Toledo
Meeting point: by agreement

Toledo is considered by many as a second Rome.

A city that is unique in its details, its history, culture and charm. The three cultures of the three monotheistic religions-Islam, Judaism and Christian, left their mark on the city.

Great place to wander through its narrow streets, squares and gardens, which makes the visit a unique experience. Toledo retains the image of a refugee in medieval city walls and towers. Within its historic grounds awaits the solemn cathedral, the neuralgic Zocodover Square and the imposing Alcázar facing the Tagus river.

One recommendation: get lost in its streets. Toledo has much to offer.

See video below. 


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 Toledo is Impressive 


  • One of the most visited historic cities.
  • Full of narrow, winding, cobbled streets and ancient buildings.
  • Toledo captures the essence of Spain.
  • The city has been compared to Jerusalem and its landscape called biblical.


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